Braces & Aligners

Your teeth are under attack within minutes of eating. Routine dental cleanings help to remove stains, and tartar, other dental problems apart from other deposits between your teeth and gums, to get good oral hygiene.

What Are Braces?

Dental braces are appliances which are used to align or straighten the teeth and guide the teeth to the corrected position. They are made up of wires, brackets, and bands. Braces aid to correct irregular teeth positioning, jaw correction, improvement in chewing and smile aesthetics. Your dentist is the best person to guide on treatment options and modalities depending upon dentition.

The major reason for getting Braces on is to improve the facial appearance, what people do not know is that there are any other implications which require orthodontic treatment like open bite, jaw structure, crossbite etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Braces ?

What Are Aligners?

Aligners are thin, clear trays made to fit your teeth. Unlike metal braces, aligners are removable. The patient is responsible for putting them in and taking them out.
Clear Aligners are medical grade plastic trays that do not require any braces or wire. They are totally invisible hence; the aesthetic concerns are duly met and make them very appealing with adults who need orthodontic treatment. Though placed inside they do not have any food restrictions associated.
People believe that being placed on the inside, they might face speech difficulties; which is a myth. On the other hand, transparent braces are highly comfortable and hygienic. Clear Aligners also hide existing gaps.

What Are The Benefits Of Aligners ?

What is Better Braces or Aligners?

Sometimes it feels like we should all be flying in our personalized drones wearing silver space suits while our robot maids give us massages with all the advances in technology these days. Orthodontics has made huge leaps and the digital age is revolutionizing our industry. Many people are excited about the opportunity to straighten their teeth faster using plastic aligners to do the job.
The aligner keeps on changing and adjusted according to the plan decided by the dentist, applying the same force. In a simple comparison of the orthodontics treatment clear aligners give out the fastest result than the traditional braces. But, clear aligner cost is comparatively expensive than the traditional braces.


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